Homeowner’s Guide to Safely Digging Your Yard

Are you planning a backyard project? With spring here and summer on the horizon, many homeowners are ready to spruce up their backyards or take on a big project. If you’re ready to plant new trees, build a deck or patio, add a pond, or do anything else that requires digging, make sure you know … Read more

Home Security Essentials

How secure is your home? With so much technology in the home security space, it can be easy to overlook commonsense tactics that protect your home. Simple measures are often the most effective, from exterior illumination to reinforcing doors and windows. Here’s a list of home security essentials every homeowner should implement. Choose a security … Read more

Do you need a new roof?

When was the last time you looked at your roof? Most of us take for granted the shelter a roof provides … until something goes wrong. While a typical roof can last as long as 25 to 30 years, individual shingles may fall apart, and small leaks can occur in the meantime. With spring in … Read more

Why bundle home and auto insurance?

You’ve seen the commercials from insurance companies why bundled home and auto insurance can save you money, which is true. Not only it can save you money but also is more convenient when done with a single insurer. I’ve listed below some of the reasons why insurance bundles home auto makes sense. Save money when … Read more

Why annual health check up is important

I remember when I was younger, I only go to the doctor when I was sick, and I hardly get sick, and very grateful for that. Now as I’m getting older, it is recommended that I should go for an annual health check-up and I’m so glad I did because my sugar and cholesterol level … Read more

Should you get fine jewelry insurance?

When it comes to insurance, the most common are auto, homeowner, life, and even pet insurance. But have you heard of fine jewelry insurance? if you did then is it worth getting? Let’s weigh in on the service and how jewelry insurance can and cannot protect that valuable piece of jewelry. Who should get jewelry … Read more

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

It is March and there are signs everywhere that Spring is arriving! You start to see flowers blooming, bugs are coming back, people are sneezing and watery eyes because of the pollen, and of course the weather is getting warmer.  Many people are starting to clean their house and their cars from all the dirt … Read more

Does renters or homeowner insurance cover pet damages?

. Pets are a part of the family for many homeowners and renters, but they’re also a big responsibility and can be very expensive. Read below to learn why you need to declare your pets on your homeowners or renters insurance — and why liability coverage, which is different from medical pet insurance, is so … Read more

Car Theft Challenge

Recently there is a challenge on the internet showing users how easy it is to steal a car using a USB cord. If you haven’t heard of this trend, now you have and be aware and prepared. In the challenge, the user is demonstrating by using a USB cord you can start the ignition on … Read more